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Mobile POS

DinerDaddy Mobile POS

Realize huge productivity gains with DinerDaddy mobile ordering. No more frequent trips to the wait station (sometimes up to 8 trips!). Servers can do all their business on one device. Send orders to the kitchen, get guest signature, tip, take EMV payments and send a SMS or email receipt right on the tablet.

Android Mobile POS

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DinerDaddy uses low cost 8" or 10" Android tablet with EMV card reader mobile POS.  This means you spend less to replace then when they are dropped, and they will be dropped! Android tablets for mobile POS offer several benefits over traditional mobile devices like Apple iPads or Windows devices. Android tablets are more affordable than Apple or Windows tablets making them an attractive option for people on a budget. Android tablets are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including keyboards, cases, and styluses, which can enhance their functionality and make them more versatile. Overall, Android tablets offer a combination of affordability, portability, versatility, customization, compatibility, accessibility, and collaboration that make them a great choice for mobile POS.  

What is Mobile POS?

Mobile POS (Point of Sale) refers to a type of technology that enables businesses to process transactions using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It provides the same capabilities as a traditional POS system but with the added benefit of being portable and allowing transactions to be processed from anywhere within the restaurant. Mobile POS systems are commonly used in industries such as retail, hospitality, and events, as they provide merchants with greater flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency. Features of a mobile POS system include payment processing, real-time reporting, and customer management.

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