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Table Service POS

What is a Table Service POS? 

Table service POS (Point of Sale) refers to a type of restaurant management software that allows restaurant staff to process transactions at the table, typically using a tablet or handheld device.

Streamline and Optimize Table Service

Ready to Serve

The familiar but unique design of DinerDaddy table service POS will streamline and optimize the dining experience for both restaurant staff and customers. This means higher table turns, larger ticket sizes, easy new staff training and larger tips!

DinerDaddy Table Service POS Features 

  • Clear and intuitive table naming conventions

  • Noncomplex table transfers to other staff

  • Combine tables with bar tabs and online orders

  • Combine and uncombine tables in a flash

  • Easily split tickets and split payments

  • Pre-authorizations are a breeze

  • One tap tip and table close

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