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We all know the goal of every bar owner is to increase revenue. The smart ones do this by increasing the time available for their staff to build lasting relationships and decrease the time spent on non-revenue generating activities. Better relationships equal loyal and sticky customers and eventually increased revenue.


Increasing revenue starts with using a bar POS system that frees bar staff from non-customer centric tasks like searching for tabs, printing guest checks, getting signatures and tips. They are already plenty busy mixing cocktails, serving food, handling transactions and maintaining a clean and orderly environment. Why make it worse by making them navigate a slow, janky bar POS system? 


The DinerDaddy user interface is engineered for speed. Like a good mixed drink, we took out all that is wrong in the traditional bar POS system receipe. We engineered DinerDaddy for speed by greatly minimizing the number of button presses required to perform routine tasks like opening tabs, tipping and closing tabs.     


When you add DinerDaddy mobile POS into your environment this too will streamline business processes, increase efficiency and offer greater flexibility and convenience for both you and your customers. Think of a DinerDaddy mobile system as a self-contained paperless digital bar POS system where your customer can sign, tip and get a receipt for themselves. 

Happy Drinkers
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